The Indian Partnership Act, 1932 governs formation, operation, dissolution of partnerships, defining rights and obligations.

The Indian Contract Act, 1872, this main law contained provisions regarding partnership firms before the introduction of the Partnership Act, which in 1932 made the Partnership Act the need for a separate law. Any organization that is formed for the purpose of earning money and in which more than two people come together and do business,

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When we try to know what is the evidence, then in common language people know it by the name of “evidence”. Earlier, religious and traditional laws used to be very strict and there were also different rules for different areas, which the British government tried to tie in unison.

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The rights of Loan defaulters including fair treatment, default notice, debt restructuring, protection against harassment.

Corporate sector loans are the most risky for banks as it is very difficult to recover. That’s why most of the successful banks and financial institutions prefer to give loans on a small scale. In which the security law is very less to recover or due to ignorance of the people

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The Indian Stamp Act, 1899 regulates payment of stamp duty on various instruments through state govt. to legally enforceable.

Indian Stamp Law This is a fiscal act that was implemented in India in British India, which has been maintained till today after the independence of India and changes were made from time to time in it. We chose to write this topic because even professionally


To register your startup company, require documents, business structure, necessary permits, register relevant to authorities.

Many businesses in India are run without registering for many years. Many people believed that why should we pay for registering, it is understandable that why should a business register and there is a lot of confusion about which registration is good for us. We process the registration according to what the consultant says.

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The original documents of a property include sale deed, title deed, property tax receipts, relevant encumbrance certificates.

Buying Property This opportunity comes very few times in life for most of the people and he spends his entire life’s earnings for buying property. Hence, it becomes very important to exercise caution while buying a property. It is a big deal for a common man to give money for legal advice, so he avoids going to the legal advisor and people take advantage of these things and cheat.

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The act governs cooperative society in India governed by Cooperative Societies Act of 1912, later amended,replaced by states.

The beginning of the housing society started in the 20th century, in which the construction of the first housing society is seen in 1909 in Bangalore. After that Bombay Housing Cooperative Association was formed in Maharashtra in 1913. For the first time the rules were formulated by this institution, which later came to be seen as a role model for all the states of India, the Maharashtra Cooperative Law.

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