The difference between women's, Rights feminism have same object in male dominated society, that are given to women's demand equality.

What is difference between women’s Rights?

Introduction  –

The difference between women’s Rights have same object in male dominated society, dual rights that are given to women’s demand equality. Feminism has been a topic of very little discussion, whether it is considered a controversial topic or considered a fact of society, but it is understandable if we look at the place for women in society around the world. Whether it is a developed country like Europe or America, whether it is a country like India, Bangladesh, where there is a lot of disparity, we talk about the rights of women, everywhere we see that the number of women who should get the place, they have not got it.

Whatever be the ideology, but if he takes his idea to the extreme level and starts expressing his sharp opinion about his opposing idea, then it becomes of ideology. The same has been happening with feminism, where the ideology has taken a wrong turn due to a very sharp reaction to the patriarchal system.

There is a lot of discussion about it in the society and some shy away from discussing it, due to which people of radical ideology get angry, so no one reacts. If women are exploited in the name of culture, then it is the work of the intellectuals of the society to stop them, but it does not seem to be happening. So here we will try to know in detail about Feminism, what is Feminism in reality and what is its status in India and this ideology is right or wrong.

What is Feminism? –

In the male dominated society, the dual rights that are given to women and for this many people of the society come out to protest and demand equality for women. Talking about India, it has been written in the constitution that all the goods will be there, but in reality it does not appear to be happening.

For thousands of years, women have always got a second-class life, whether they have been from any corner of the world, so this movement is done by women all over the world and it is also initiated by the United Nation, so that women get access to all areas of the society. to be represented in.

If the idea of ​​hatred towards men is to be created, then this ideology can be said to run at the wrong turn, but if the purpose of this ideology is to get the rights of women, then this ideology can be considered right. That’s why there have been many differences of opinion in the world about Feminism.

What is the history of feminism?

The term was first used by the French philosopher Charles Fourier in 1837 and gave his views. In Europe and America, the right to vote, the right to equality, many such movements were started which were called feminism.

The history of Feminism is mainly divided into four parts.

  • Women’s right to vote – the period before 1900
  • Social and Legal Equality – 1960
  • Right to Freedom of the Individual -1992
  • “Me Too” Movement Against Exploitation -by Social Media -2012

Long after the establishment of human civilization, women have got the right to equality, in a country like America, not a single woman has been able to become a president till date, which shows that it is going to take a long time for women to get representation.

The entire history of the world is seen around the male dominated civilization, so we have seen this movement of Feminism gaining momentum in the Western countries in the 19th century. Women started seeing the introduction of their power from the First World War, when most of the men of the house went to war, till the women showed their ability by coming out of the house for the important work of the country.

This was the period of the rise of feminism where women started for the first time demanding the right to equality.

What is Difference Between feminism & Women’s Rights –

Feminism is a movement of equal rights for women’s and women’s rights are statute provisions of equal representation in democracy for women. Feminism has criticism of extremist ideology where there is no space for men who is the main exploiter of women. Feminism movement is started since last 200 years where Industrialization occurs where men got better payment than women.

Europe and America is the center point of Feminism where women got representation in democratic system in England and other part of Europe. French revolution started the movement of democracy towards whole world but that time still no sign of women’s equal rights. America has no female President till today and even India has only one Prime Minister.

As we presume 50% population of the country and compare it with the representation in every department of democracy then we see that very less representation are there of women. Indian Constitution has equal rights for women in every department but culturally women is still not free from the men. Therefore Feminism movement was started in mainly Europe and and America firstly.

What is Racism & Gender Discrimination? –

The French Revolution in Europe is considered an important event for the establishment of democracy for the world, but philosophers like Rousseau also talk about equality, but do not give the right to equality to women. No one could even imagine.

In America, race had to wait for the next 150 years to get equality, only then white people get legal rights, but whether it is Britain, America or India, women still have to struggle to get political and social representation.

Legally, all the countries in the world have given equal status to women, but the reality is very different, so it is seen that feminism, this ideology is to be awakened towards their rights without having a feeling of hatred towards men in the true sense.

What are the issues of feminism in India?

In India, it is necessary to build more leadership in opposition to the exploitation of women because the basic reason for the exploitation of women is that the social and political practice of women should be equal to that of men, only then they can get their rights, otherwise in politics we see that women It is nominal and their men handle their power, such a picture is common to us.

Talking about social awareness, women have to take lessons from history and think about how to achieve equality in the future because exploitation of women is the mentality of a society where the woman of the house becomes a part of this exploitation.

The idea that a boy is needed to grow a lineage is held by the men of the house as well as women, so we get to see the vices like a feticide, equality is achieved not only by demanding but by imitating it, there should be equality in conduct, opposing the wrong tradition. Where a woman is considered an object.

We have seen in the time of the British that the practice of sati, child marriage, devadasi system, which is to be understood, then it is necessary to read the literature of Dr. Ambedkar ji and in that also this amendment book is very important in cast in India, which tells the root of equality of women. Many speeches are seen which tell about the power of women, but no one wants to go to the root, this is our problem.

What is feminist view of Indian Constitution?

In India’s fundamental rights, women have got the right to equality, due to which the right to equality in jobs, the right to equality in property and the right to equality in politics and representation, for this, the right to reservation, so many rights have been given by the constitution to women.

If we look at the situation towards the women of the society, on the contrary, it is seen that no one wants to give equal rights in the property, no one wants to bring 50% women MPs in politics, wants to see women only as objects in a male dominated society due to wrong practices. In this the women of the society themselves are also responsible.

As the women of Europe and America had to struggle to get the right to vote and legally equal rights by coming on the street, such struggle is not seen in India, but the study of society by Dr. Ambedkar ji, from which he All the rights are included in the constitution, which pardon is important.

United Nations Organization and Women’s Empowerment  –

In July 2010, the United Nations created a “UN Women” United Nations unit for women, which has made many such programs to remove the world’s inequality and equal pay, share in politics and strict laws against exploitation.

From developed countries to poor countries, the condition of women has been very bad even today considering representation in any section of the country, for which the United Nations has taken many initiatives, under which women should get representation in all fields and especially in the field of education, a lot of work has been done by the United Nations.

What is the role of feminism in Indian politics?

It has been the history of India that the struggle that should be fought for the representation of women by the intellectual women of India has never been seen and at all times whatever rights are there in relation to women by the male dominated system, men decide to see this. Get. In Indias Political leadership there was prime minister like Indira Gandhi or some women leaders who represented there, but it is very less compared to male representation.

Feminism like France, Italy, England and America was never seen in India, whose important reason is the caste system, in which Ambedkar believes that upper caste women have never raised their voice about women’s freedom, due to this the caste system and the upper castes has unrestricted rights.

As intelligent women study history in the upper castes, there is still a lot of time in India for the formation of a class of intelligent women in the lower castes and in India, until the upper caste does not take two steps behind itself, social systems like Europe and America in India It cannot be created, it is a reality. Keeping the social compulsion of women in the name of culture is against the moral values ​​which we have to think.

Conclusion –

In this way, we have seen here that we get to see many speeches about feminism, which are emotional and also garner a lot of applause, but never think to the root of the problems of women, so women will get the right representation and social leadership only when the intellectuals of the society Women will lead it.

Feminism cannot mean that there is hatred towards men or only women’s rights, we have to think about equality, where there will be no discrimination and there will be no caste and gender discrimination, we have to see such a society.

Extremism is not required to get equal rights of women in male dominant society, but the initiative has to be taken by themselves to get it. Meaning of feminism is not to hate male society, but to correct it by changing the mindset of society. Lots of male Intellectuals are there to support the feminism in representation of women and legal rights.



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