International law & international politics is set of rules, treat many countries. through special org. of the United Nations.

What is international law and international politics?


International Law This concept we get to see after the Second World War, in today’s era of globalization, no country can run the economy on its own alone. In future, the country which will be ahead in technology and innovation, that country will rule the world. Through the United Nations and its affiliated organizations, international law was brought to govern the legal system of the whole world.

Therefore, we will try to learn about the history and purpose of international law here. We will try to explain all this information in simple language. In today’s online business and globalization, it has become very important for us to be aware of international law. Its importance is likely to increase in the coming future.

All the countries today give more importance to strengthen their economy and not expansionism like we have seen in the 19th century. The most important thing in this is that it is the aim of most countries to increase international trade by keeping the economy of their country safe. In this, major countries like America, China, Germany, France, England and India have great importance.

History of International Law –

By the way, for thousands of years, we have seen treaties between two countries or more countries where the monarchy was in existence before this concept. But determining his compulsion used to be a very difficult task and still is today. State means that a government that controls the law and order in its state, when a group of such countries makes an agreement with each other, then we call it international law.

After the First World War, the monarchy began to weaken and democratic systems began to take birth. In this, we get to see the oldest democratic system in England, France and America. European vassalism ended after World War II, but for their trade with countries around the world, such a system was needed so that safe trade could take place. Due to which we get to see this concept of globalization.

After the establishment of the United Nations, the foundation of truly international law was laid by the UNO through various organizations such as the WTO. In which international treaties, special associations were made so that trade could increase between different countries. And to remove the law under all the member countries of the UNO and its differences in other countries, drafts were made in the form of a model law. So that the laws of the member countries of UNO cannot create problems with each other and increase trade growth.

What is International Law? –

International law is a set of rules that treat many countries. Rules and agreements are made by doing, the main medium of which is made by a special organization of the United Nations. It is not a universal system like any country, but all the countries try to run it by making a system together. Just as there is a law and order system of a country, this system is run in the same way, but the members who are in it are the country.

The purpose of international law is to protect the citizens of all the countries of the world and their safety, but its basic purpose is to maintain peace in the world and trade. It was developed significantly after the Second World War. Although this concept was created in the 16th century, we get to see its true modern form for the last 100 years.

In this, to protect small countries, to increase the scope of trade and to overcome the legal problem that may arise, by reforming the laws of all the member countries and making such laws which help each other countries in trade and criminal matters. In which by committing a crime in one country, when the criminal takes refuge in other countries, then it has to be assisted through an agreement and transferred to such criminals.

Object of International Law –

World War I and World War II forced the whole world to pay the price, in which European countries had to suffer the most. Millions of people died due to this war, faced the economic crisis and taking lessons from it, the United Nations was established and a new world order was created. In which all the countries that were slaves by European countries were made free.

All the countries of the world were made members and a series of international laws were made to maintain peace in the world through economic trade and peace keeping, through many organizations, through which the whole world was made a trade center by globalization. Its main purpose was not all countries had natural wealth and technology and industrialization was not with all countries. Therefore, the whole world could get the benefit of all this development, so efforts were made to maintain the same laws of all the countries.

Through the United Nations, an attempt was made to propose capitalist democracy all over the world. Only time will tell how much this will prove to be a feat, but at present, many countries have benefited in economic form. Through many organizations of the United Nations, initiatives were taken to improve the laws of all countries on reasons like health, education, rights. The theory of expansionism fell behind this and economic development has become the primary issue of all the countries.

Main Sources of International Law  –

  • Conventions
  • Customs General Principles of Law

Through the International Court of Justice, this principle is used at the time of a dispute between two countries. The main point of international law is the people and the purpose is the country in which it is to maintain peace in the world and to control economic activities. Through international law, it bears born to remove the discrepancy in the law of different countries.

These laws have been made so that the developing and poor countries can get the benefit of the development of developing countries. Many organizations are made for different economic purposes and agreements are made for this, violating which economic sanctions and benefits from other countries are abolished. Before international law, many treaties were made in the monarchy, which were called mutual agreement.

Through international law, agreements are made through different countries, for which platforms such as international courts have been provided for violation. Strict action is taken for violation of law, which includes civil cases and criminal cases. These important sources are used to develop the judicial process of all countries, which benefit the poor countries and developing countries the most.

International Laws & Municipal Laws  –

International law and municipal law are two separate legal systems in which municipal law applies to the state, which we call a country. International Law: Many countries together form a law system for their convenience, it is called International Law. In this, agreements like rules, treaty treaties are made. Municipal Law System It is a sovereign state in which law and order, judiciary and parliament are its main components.

There is mainly no such universal system in the international law system, but it is operated by the representatives of each country, the same machinery for implementing municipal law is used by every country. In international trade and criminal matters, many times criminals take other countries, in such times, international treaty is very important.

Under international law, each country gets help in getting recognition all over the world. Not every country can develop on its own economic system, so every country can exchange important things like technology, investment and labor with each other through international trade. Therefore, municipal law and international law work in mutual cooperation with each other and work to remove discrepancies.

What is state? –

In legal language, the state means the country which is sovereign and has an independent law system and the country is determined which is recognized by the United Nations. The main component that it takes to become a state is…

  • The state should be a citizen of the country
  • The country should have its own territory
  • Government should be established in the country
  • The government of the country should be sovereign
  • The country should be recognized

In the Constitution of India, what will be a state has been explained and every state of the country has been given the right to make laws. This is a very important issue for any country to get recognition, for which the United Nations plays a very important role. In some cases, some countries themselves give recognition after the transition of a country.

According to international law, the League of Nations has determined the definition of the state, under which these countries are recognized. What will be the territory of the state, it is decided under the international rules, which includes sea area and land area. This area determines the boundaries of international law and municipal law.

International Law & International Politics –

Today’s politics do not work like a monarchy, it is very dependent on the economy, because all the countries do not have natural wealth, and the progress of Europe, we have seen in the last century due to the resource wealth of Asia and Africa. East Asia is rich in oil and gas, but they have to depend on other countries for other things, similarly the reason for all such countries is that they are dependent on globalization.

World War II England was the economic and political superpower of the world, but after that America became the superpower. Which established its supremacy in the field of technology and made the whole world depended on it. Globalization is not considered a system of using the resources of other countries. In vassals, Europe and England acquired considerable wealth and dominated the world for many decades.

Today we see that there are two main centers of power, in which China and America are considered to be economically and politically powerful countries in Asia. But today it has not been so easy to suppress other countries like vassals. Today, on the basis of America’s economic power, the strategy of making other countries dependent on itself keeps it a superpower. In international law, we see that America’s influence is more visible to us, so that such allegations are made to benefit American companies.

Conclusion –

In this way we have seen how important international laws are and they are very important for the development of the country. It is part of this to promote foreign investment by keeping the economy safe within the country. The economic changes that we see in India after 1990 can be said to be its result. India’s corruption, India’s judicial system and fundamental development, it is an important part of international law.

The United Nations and its affiliated organizations do a lot of important work for this. We have tried to look at the structure and purpose of international law in detail here. Here we have tried to know the difference between what is international law and what is municipal law. The most important is the history of international law, which we have tried to understand in simple language here.

We have tried to know here what is called a sovereign state and from what components it is made. In today’s world, it is becoming very important for us to have knowledge of international law in normal life. Through which it has become necessary for us to have important knowledge of foreign laws while doing business, while doing job and in relation to education. International Law This is a very important document in today’s era, which we get to see today, which is becoming very important to know.

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