AI improve the justice system by expediting case analysis, legal research, fairer outcomes through data-driven insight.


Introduction –

AI improve the justice system by expediting case analysis, improving legal research, ensuring fairer outcomes through data-driven insights. Capitalism has completely changed the economy of the world, in which many benefits have been given to the society and it has also had some disadvantages. Judicial system is an important part of democracy, the more accurate it should be, the more effective that democracy is, and if the judicial system is corrupt or inefficient, then the country has to bear the brunt of it. Judicial system is so important for the country. Industrialization, scientific revolution and today’s automation revolution are going to take human society to a different level.

In which block chain technology and meta technology are the best examples of automation which every industry in the economy wants to use. Automation is used a lot in European countries and America, this is because it is very expensive to get work done by humans, so they give more priority to automation, due to which we get to see different types of inventions from the west. Labor is very cheap in countries like China and India, but when technology develops, all sectors want to take advantage of it. In India, in the 80s, there was a lot of opposition to bring computers to India.

That’s why there has always been opposition to using technology mainly in government policy, in which the biggest reason is unemployment, but technology has provided some different jobs all the time. Case pendency has been the biggest problem of the judicial system in India, and lack of transparency in the judicial system has been the biggest problem. That’s why today we see that whether there is live telecast of court cases, settlement of pending cases online in Covid times or facility of e-court, artificial intelligence has started to be used in the judicial system.

Therefore, through this article, we will try to find out how Artificial Intelligence will be used in the judicial system in the future and how much it will benefit and what its disadvantages can be.

What is Artificial Intelligence? ,

Artificial intelligence is the human work done by the machine, in which such a language is used, by which the order given by the human being is read by the machine and it completes the task with great accuracy. In this, through the medium of computer, mobile, using programming language, automated systems are made through software or mobile apps. Block chain technology and meta technology It is considered to be the most modern technology of artificial intelligence. The most important advantage of this technology is that it stores a lot of information and makes it available to the person whenever he wants.

The natural characteristic of a human being is that he speaks old things, he has feelings, whereas artificial intelligence does not, as it is programmed by humans, it works. Algorithms are the most effective invention of automation due to which automation is used effectively. Through a company like Google, the store of video and written information is easily available to us whenever we want. We see blockchain technology in fastag and bitcoin to pay toll tax, which currently provide us great convenience.

In the future, by creating a virtual world through meta technology, any task can be accomplished with great accuracy, whether it is an operation in the medical field or providing judicial facilities to the people in the judicial system, if this technology is to be seen in the future. There will be no surprise. Due to this there will be no meaning of mistakes and any influence by the judges and we will get to see transparent and speedy judicial system. A good way of keeping law and order accessible will be found, but there is another aspect of it in which this technology can be used in a wrong way, we will go further.

Artificial intelligence and future judicial system  –

For the last few days, we can see the court process online, court cases through e-court are available on public domain through our website. All these are indications of how important the use of technology is going to be in the judicial system in the future. The use of artificial intelligence is increasing very fast in the medical sector and industrial sector and we have seen that in developed countries, vehicles run without drivers. Similarly, we have seen that in the court process, Chief Justice Chandrachud has asked for many reports through the commission, under which we will see the use of technology in future.

In the judicial system of India, the delay in the decision of the court, and the decisions of the court are often accused of biased decisions. The number of case pendency is very high and politics wants to influence the judicial system, many such problems are in front of the judicial system. Many a times, the judicial system does not get the right funds for the development of the judicial system in the right amount by the government, this displeasure has been expressed by the judges from the open forum. Therefore, experts believe that artificial intelligence is the most important solution to the problem of shortage of staff in the judicial system.

In Europe, decisions have been given by many courts experimentally through Artificial Intelligence, which many countries are studying on this. Studies are being done in developed countries to use artificial intelligence. In a country like India which has the second largest population in the world, technology is like a boon as it will help to see the accuracy and speed in the judicial process of the court. That’s why India’s judicial system has also taken it seriously. That’s why we can say that in future we will see changes in India’s judicial system through many technologies.

@ Reference – American Bar Association website

Algorithm technology and judicial system –

Websites like Google, Facebook, Twitter are very famous because of their algorithms and millions of people are connected from all over the world, through them we see that we get a lot of information in a few seconds, that is why it is said that Computer technology has made the world’s store of information available to the people. On one click, we get any information of the world immediately, if we wanted such information about the judicial system, then earlier we had to wait for many days and for this the common people used to face problems.

After the availability of e-court facility, this problem has reduced to some extent and the information about the cases going on in the court is immediately available to us online. Earlier, people had to spend money to get this information on a private website, which has now been made available by the judicial system on the public domain. Going beyond this, there is no surprise if all the information about the judicial system like Google becomes easily available to the people in the future through algorithms.

Algorithm means the rules of information that ultimately give an accurate result, if we talk about Google search engine, then the more accurate results this company provides to a searcher, the more effective this algorithm of Google proves to be. Therefore, in the future, we can see that the more information about the judicial process and other information will be available to the common people, the more the effect of the algorithm will be seen, which is the best example of an artificial intelligence.

Meta Technology & Judicial System  –

Meta Technology This is a virtual world through which we can solve our real problems, like in the army before any operation is practiced. Such exercises are called drills, which are practiced to visualize what problems the operation may face and how decisions should be made in that situation. Which gives accurate results in actual operation. If seen through this technology, it is called meta technology which takes us to the virtual world which seems real to us.

It is being used very effectively in the industrial sector and in the medical sector, the results of which are being seen more than 90% accurate. Means any medical operation is done through meta technology which is a virtual world where the doctor gets an idea of what problems may come in that operation. He actually uses this experience in actual operations with impressive results.

If we see the same technique in the judicial process, then in any case the judges use it before the actual judicial process, then the mistakes made during the actual judicial process can be rectified a lot. That’s why we see that in the future, we will see the use of meta technology in a large amount in the judicial process. Every company is ready to spend billions of dollars for meta technology in the industrial sector and we feel that our judicial system should take initiative for this and the government is also considering for this.

Advantages / Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Judicial System

  • We see a lot of use of artificial intelligence in investigation and forensic investigation, so that we used to see accurate results in any crime, which was very difficult to prove earlier and the culprits were left out.
  • Through e-court, common citizens can easily view any court cases through the government website.
    The use of technology like cctv has proved to be very effective in keeping an eye on the law and order of the country.
  • From September 2022 onwards, we are seeing that the proceedings of the court have been made available by the Supreme Court on the public domain for citizens to see, which makes the process of the court transparent and we should welcome it.
  • The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court has decided to make all the cases of the Supreme Court available on the public domain for the students of the judicial system and all the citizens, so that all the court cases that have already happened online will be easily available.
  • If we get to see the use of meta technology in our judicial system, then there will be a lot of improvement in the judicial decisions.
  • In the future, we can see a search engine like Google, which will be able to give us any information about the judicial system on just one click, making it available to us with accuracy in a few seconds.
  • By using artificial intelligence for the decisions given by the judges, the number of pending cases in the judicial process can be worked out so that people can get justice at the right time and people’s faith in the judicial system can be established.
  • Criminal cases in the judicial process or in other cases, we see that paper documents are very large, which in future we can see like digital currency, so that we will not be surprised if the tradition of paper documents ends, only paper for some special process. We will see the document in the future.
  • Through Artificial Intelligence, through some important notes, judges can be used to give their decisions, which today have to spend a lot of time to understand and read any case first.
  • Through artificial intelligence, there will be result on the staff engaged in the court, it does not mean that there will be result on the jobs, but we will see new type of jobs in the judicial system, as the judicial system may need more and more technical experts.


Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence in Judicial System –

  • The more the use of artificial intelligence in the judicial system increases, the more misuse of computer hacking and mobile hacking will be seen by the government system for the purpose of power, due to which the possibility of misuse of judicial process cannot be avoided.
  • Artificial intelligence can be used in law and order to violate the right to privacy given to citizens by the constitution.
  • Power corrupts and unchecked power corrupts unchecked, according to this theory artificial intelligence makes unlimited information available to the judicial system which is feared to be used for personal selfishness through a judge or staff.
  • In developed countries, the use of technology is costly or the staff is not available, this is the reason, in India, millions of people apply for any government post, the use of technology in that country means less jobs, this can have the opposite result.
  • The information that is made available to artificial intelligence gives the same result, so if the right information is not made available to this technology intentionally, then this technology can become ineffective.
  • Government of India will have to spend thousands of crores of rupees to use artificial intelligence in the judicial system, earlier there was indifference to be spent by the government for ordinary expenses, whether the government will spend so much money for judicial system Huh .
  • Artificial intelligence means that there is no emotion in it, the information that humans feed in it, it acts like that, so how artificial intelligence will give decisions in sensitive matters will be a matter of great controversy.
  • In the US, the facial surveillance system was shut down in San Francisco, where it used to provide wrong information only to citizens of white color, in which the flaw of the algorithm was seen.

Features of Artificial Intelligence and Judicial System  –

  • Through artificial intelligence, the judicial system can be brought on a digital platform, which is an effective way to deal with pending cases in the judicial process faster.
  • The technology used by private companies in the industrial sector is effective and productive, so both computer technology or mobile technology can be used in the judicial process.
  • Through UNESCO, which is a branch of the United Nations, it is promoted through a program to enable all countries in the judicial process.
  • The basic creation of artificial intelligence was created in developed countries to substitute expensive labor, but it can be used effectively even in a country like India, which has more population and sowing of cheap labor.
  • Court cases are available on private websites on expensive subscription to get rid of this and can be made available for free to citizens which is an important program of judicial system.
  • All judicial cases at district level through E-Court have been made available through online website which is searchable through case number.
  • Artificial intelligence is used for surveillance, for forensic investigation and in the judicial process and in developed countries, instead of judges, court decisions have been started through AI.
  • Information about any case is given through artificial intelligence, on the basis of which it can give its decision without any bias and fear.
  • In India, artificial intelligence can be used for the appointment of judges in an impartial manner, in which the more effective the information is filled, the more effectively it can automatically appoint the judges, thereby ending the disputes of the appointment of the court. Huh .
  • Artificial intelligence is effective in winning, as it can be harmful if misused, we have seen examples of this in Europe and America.

Conclusion –

Companies are spending thousands of crores of rupees for artificial intelligence in the industrial sector and all the governments of the world are promoting technology so that the customers can get the best products and services in the market. Technology was started in western countries due to expensive staff and labor, but this need is no longer limited to cost control only. From security to private companies, technology has started being used. Therefore, how effectively artificial intelligence can be used in a country with a large population like India and China is a matter of concern.

In India, there has been opposition to accept technology since the beginning, the main reason being that technology competes with humans and works in place of humans. Man has limitations to do any work, he cannot work continuously for 24 hours but artificial intelligence can do this. Humans make a lot of mistakes in their work but technology does not and the most important thing is that the executive in India has already been accused of corruption and one has to wait for years to complete any work. Judicial system is the most important part of democracy on which the law and order of the country depends.

Common people in India are afraid to face the judicial system, they do not have faith in this system, they always try to establish that faith in the judicial system. Artificial intelligence can play a very important role in making India’s judicial system efficient. Therefore, through this article, we have tried to know that how the judicial system can be made efficient, for this the Government of India will have to spend money taking cognizance. We have to do many such things, which can be done through technology, from the delay in getting justice, from the Supreme Court to the administration of the court at the tehsil level, to reach the information of the court to the citizens through digital medium.


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