International law & international politics is set of rules, treat many countries. through special org. of the United Nations.

International Law This concept we get to see after the Second World War, in today’s era of globalization, no country can run the economy on its own alone. In future, the country which will be ahead in technology and innovation, that country will rule the world. Through the United Nations and its affiliated organizations, international law was brought to govern the legal system of the whole world.

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Main type of contracts Express, Implied, Unilateral, Bilateral, Void, Voidable, Executed, Executory, Adhesion, Aleatory.

The Contract means a legal agreement in which there are more than two parties and their rights and duties are fixed for some work. When these contracts are made according to the law, rights and duties are fixed in everyone and this contract becomes legally applicable to the people involved in the contract. It also includes business contracts and personal contracts/agreements which are bound by law.

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