What is medical negligence in health law?

Our ignorance about the medical field is the main reason for these problems. While doing any treatment from any hospital, documents play this important role for future problems which we have to see as a whole which we do not see. Because of which most of the time we are the victim of some medical negligence, then due to these things, we find it difficult to get justice.

Why is the Kesavananda Bharati case important?

Kesavananda Bharati Case This has been the most important decision of the judicial system of India, which will decide what will be the basic structure of the Constitution, it was determined by this case of 1973 by a Bench of 13 judges. With this decision, the amendments made by the Parliament were declared valid, but Parliament cannot change the basic structure of the Constitution, this important decision was taken.

Article 13, rights given to citizens considered to be fundamental rights, no govt. make any law against it is Legal Rights.


Good education is the criterion of good democracy because good education makes you feel all the time that we are the king in democracy, we can change the system as we want by our elected representative. In a society where there is inequality, poverty, there is a lack of education in that society and lack of education, what are your rights to you? Deprived of it.